World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer at Unity

Every World Day of Prayer, we set aside 24 hours to affirm the truth of our Christ consciousness. We focus on the presence of God within each of us and give ourselves time to feel this presence as peace, love, and growing understanding.

In 2020, our theme was “From Fear to Faith.” Thousands gathered together online, uniting in heart and mind around the globe to affirm:

World Day of Prayer at Unity

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Save the Date for World Day of Prayer 2021

Unity World Day of Prayer is a 24-hour worldwide event hosted annually during the second week of September. You can join thousands in mind and heart through the power of affirmative prayer. September 8-9, 2021, marks the 28th annual World Day of Prayer.

We invite you to pray with us anytime.

We thank everyone who joins us every year from around the world for this powerful prayer event. In faith, we overcome fear and trust our divine identity as Truth, our greatest reality.

We live in joyous expectations.